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EmbeddedSW was born in 2004, as a container for the OpenPuff project. More and more projects have been added over time, increasingly focusing on the machinery and industry world, like the EMUFDD project. In 2011 the project was already structured enough to go online and the embeddedsw website was born, quickly bringing in worldwide contacts and turning de facto the experimental project in a business based on custom solutions.

EmbeddedSW in 2011

The company was founded in 2014, incorportating all EmbeddedSW's projects and know-how. It's a flexible international container for the development of custom advanced projects, mainly (and not only) related to the following applications:

  • Embedded software/hardware development

  • System virtualization, emulation and cloning

  • Software retro-engeneering and hardware retro-fitting

  • Industrial strength networking and encryption

EmbeddedSW dynamically involves a network of worldwide companies and consulting partners, to bring in the latest knowledge that each different project requires. The final result is the capability to quickly develop, at a competitive cost, custom and innovative solutions, providing a single reference for installation and continuous live assistance.


EmbeddedSW is a business-oriented entity, focused on the development and support of commercial solutions, at extremely competitive pricing, applying the latest retrofit/retroengineer/virtualization technologies to any industrial environment.

EmbeddedSW is also a free-software-oriented entity, still active, and is focused on the development and support of free technologies, endorsing the principle that software & hardware has to be developed to ethically improve our world, to protect your business, to support your Fundamental Digital Rights.