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Compliant with Industry 4.0, DNC and Advanced quality management ISO 9001/16949
The most reliable and configurable universal HW emulators

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Examples of machinery equipped with EMUHDD & EMUFDD





[ SCSI Manual IDE Manual ] EMUHDD ("Emulator of Hard Disk Drive") is a combined technology that allows to emulate any kind of hard disk or magneto optic or removable drive. Communication with the machinery host supports a wide range of protocols, ATA-IDE, PATA-IDE, ULTRA-SCSI, SCSI I, SCSI II. Data is stored on a choice of supports, CF or modern SDC, and always easily accessible on PC for quick backup/restore. Each EMUHDD is custom configured to match exactly the geometry of the original drive (name, size, tracks, sectors...). There's no limit about the OS supported by the emulation: Win/Dos/Unix and any other legacy operating system. Depending on the application you'll be also given a recommended preventive maintenance guide, each 1/5 years, ensuring a unique 0% failure rate over time.


Network EMUFDD

[ NET Manual ] EMUFDD ("Emulator of Floppy Disk Drive") is a specific technology to emulate any kind of floppy disk drive, 8"/5.25"/3.5". Data is stored on an internal FRAM buffer that behaves like a hard disk, no data loss at power down. Robust TCP/IP networking, 80x faster than serial RS232, and industrial grade communication with an unlimited number of distributed PCs. Safety emulation/networking interlock and retrasmission ensure reliable data exchange under any circumstances. Text scripting support is included for seamless DNC integration. In case of "network down", an additional and fully-functional USB port is also available. No preventive maintenance is necessary because of the unique 20 years data retention warranty.



[ USB Manual ] Based on the same technology of the Network EMUFDD, the USB-only version is suitable for users with no access to a network connection or exchanging a very low amount of daily data. Same internal FRAM buffer, that behaves like a hard disk, can be loaded/saved using a standard USB key. No need to pre-format the USB key with special hidden partition or to keep the USB key always in after data exchange. 00-99 numbered display can be used to choose subdirectories and non-standard images, both fully supported.

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PHONE: +1 949-287-8623
SKYPE: embeddedsw.company
EMAIL: info@embeddedsw.net

  1. Describe your machinery in full detail:
    type, model, control, running status, special drives/disks

  2. Send your company reference and phone contact:
    we will call you back if possible

  3. EMUHDD & EMUFDD are custom professional products:
    full machinery details are always necessary

  4. You can always ask also for
    all-inclusive retrofit & on-site installation

* * Why EMUHDD & EMUFDD ? * *









Examples of drives emulated by EMUHDD & EMUFDD

  1. Because it's a lifelong retrofit for your machinery

  2. Supports robots, semiconductor tools, CNC, industrial machinery

  3. It will work 24/7 in any harsh industrial environment for many years

  4. It's the top solution available on the market: 0% errors and failures

  5. 10+ years of hands-on experience on 200+ different types of machinery

  6. TCP/IP networking is 80x faster than a serial RS232

  7. Each product comes with backup/restore software solutions

  8. Hardware is manufactured in USA/EU, using industrial grade components

  9. Direct support & installation from the manufacturer

  10. All-inclusive digitalization & cloning services








Applications: Robots, Semiconductor Tools, CNC, Industrial Machinery

* * Features * *


Robust network PC software & GUI


Backup/restore PC software


All-inclusive service, from the machinery to the solution:

  • Digitalization of any special drive/disk that needs to get cloned

  • Support for all types of boot drives/disks, Win/Dos/Unix/...

  • Easy backup/restore PC software using standard ISO format

  • On-site or Skype remote assistance + operator training

Robust TCP/IP networking:

  • True TCP/IP speed 80x faster than a serial RS232

  • Robust emulation/networking interlock for industrial communications

  • Unlimited remote and distributed access to the machinery

  • Advanced text scripting support for seamless DNC integration

Flexible multi-configuration:

  • Fully configurable emulation (name, size, tracks, sectors...)

  • Jumper-free configuration, no need to stop/open/uninstall

Harsh industrial environment error resistance:

  • Preventive maintenance each 1/5 years, 0% failure rate

  • Adaptive emulation software with time and signal correction

  • Enhanced IN/OUT interface logic with up to 50mA signal support

  • Robust hardware, components and enclosure

Network Video


Wireless Video


USB Video

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* * Security alerts * *

Installing a faulty emulator on your machinery is a severe threat, specially when it's about emulators with internal design flaws that may show up only after a long term usage.

A list of known crash reports:

* * Software * *

DOS 3.3 ISO image (.IMG) 1440KB +Mouse +Cdrom Disk1

DOS 5.0 ISO image (.IMG) 1440KB +Mouse +Cdrom Disk1 Disk2

DOS 6.22 ISO image (.IMG) 1440KB +Mouse +Cdrom Disk1 Disk2 Disk3 Disk4 Disk5

Formatted Empty ISO image (.IMG) FAT12 floppy 1440KB 1200KB 720KB 640KB 360KB

DOS Utilities ISO image (.ISO) +Commander +Zip Disk1

SimplifiedVFD.jpg Simplified Virtual Floppy Drive (VFD) / Dseo13b.jpg 64bit WorkAround

A virtual floppy drive that mounts ISO image files (*.img) as new browseable computer resources.

Tested from WinXP (32bit) to Win7 (64bit).

Open source & free.

EMUFDD_rawwrite.jpg Raw Write / SectEdit

A low level tool that lets you read and write floppies as ISO image files (*.img).

Tested on high-density DOS/non-DOS floppies: 1.44MB

Open source & free.

EMUFDD_omniflop.jpg OmniFlop

An ultra low level tool that lets you read and write floppies as image files (*.img).

Tested on ANY-density DOS/non-DOS floppies: 640KB/720KB/800KB/1.2MB/1.44MB/...
Works only with internal floppy drives (= non-USB).


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