EmbeddedSW is a joint consulting resource. We cooperate with worldwide security/industrial partners and are focused in research & custom development of mission-critical technology. Customers get extended all-inclusive assistance, from software design up to hardware and machinery integration. High-profile projects will also include worldwide on-site support and live real-time analysis & development.

Industrial solutions

Software & Hardware

EmbeddedSW is a manufacturer of advanced technology, endorsing the principle that every software solution has to be custom developed, according to strict hard real-time and embedded techniques. Software and hardware will be always handled as a single target, requiring mission-critical reliable features.

  • 100% custom R&D of advanced algorithms

  • Top quality state-of-the-art hardware components & PCB design

  • Industrial-strenght robust solutions

SolidState & Machinery

EmbeddedSW has an extended experience in Industrial Machinery, delivering custom solutions to the growing and increasingly expensive problem of reparing or replacing ageing and failing components of mission-critical machinery. Provided solutions range from SolidState retrofits and retro-engineering of legacy components up to full system virtualization.

  • SolidState retrofits for FDD, Tape, HDD, SCSI storage

  • Retro-engineering of end-of-life legacy components

  • Full virtualization of existing systems


EmbeddedSW is actively releasing both software & hardware solutions, endorsing the principle that software & hardware has to be developed to ethically improve our world, to protect your business, to support your Fundamental Digital Rights.

  • Uncensorable free expression

  • Absolute privacy in communication

  • Trustable alternative digital identity

  • Secure business opportunity