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Privacy policy

EmbeddedSW actively supports your right to absolute privacy & anonymity

EmbeddedSW is a manufacturer of advanced technology, actively releasing both software & hardware solutions. EmbeddedSW endorses the principle that software & hardware has to be developed [1] to improve our world, [2] to protect your business, [3] to support your [RIGHTS]. Here you are EmbeddedSW's strict privacy policy:

  1. No Google Analytics or similar intrusive systems on EmbeddedSW;

  2. [INFOS] will be requested only when you ask for commercial services;

  3. [INFOS] will be shared with associated companies only on your request;

  4. Business communications will be sent only on your request;

  5. We'll never disclose [INFOS] to any third party;

  6. Should there be any risk to have any unauthorized (by you) third partiy accessing [INFOS], we'll rather destroy it;

  7. At any moment you have the right to have [INFOS], provided to EmbeddedSW, permanently deleted;

  8. [INFOS] shared with associated companies, on your request, are subject to their respective privacy policies;

  9. [INFOS] collected by Facebook/Youtube/Skype/ShinyStat/AmongUs/1984 are subject to their respective privacy policies.

Software & Hardware released by EmbeddedSW was not created for illegal use. EmbeddedSW declines all responsibilities for improper use of its products, that may violate your country's laws. EmbeddedSW will not release [INFOS] about users of its products, under any circumstances.

EmbeddedSW kindly invites you to read and understand its privacy policy, and possibly to join & spread its principles as much as possible. Please do also consider the possibility to extend such privacy policy principles to your projects/business, if you share the view that a better world can be the result of such principles being widely applied.

[INFOS] = personal/statistical/aggregated infos about

  • your business/company

  • your digital identity

  • your physical person

  • your geolocation

  • your device

[RIGHTS] = fundamental digital rights to

  • uncensorable free expression

  • absolute privacy in communication

  • trustable alternative digital identity

  • secure business opportunity

Last revision: 23 May 2018.