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MultiObfuscator - Yet not another cryptography SW

MultiObfuscator is a professional cryptography tool:

  • HW seeded random number generator (CSPRNG)

  • Deniable cryptography

  • Up to 256Mb of secret file (binary mode)

  • Up to 256Kb of secret text (text/email mode)

  • Whitening selection level

  • Modern multi-cryptography (16 algorithms)

  • Multi-layered data obfuscation (4 passwords)

  • Chi-squared cryptanalysis resistance

Unique layers of security and obfuscation:

  • 256bit+256bit symmetric-key cryptography
    (with KDF4 password extension)

  • 256bit symmetric-key data scrambling
    (CSPRNG-based shuffling)

  • 256bit symmetric-key data whitening
    (CSPRNG-based noise mixing)

  • Adaptive Chi-squared correction


MultiObfuscator is a portable/stealth software:

  • Native portable structure
    (no installation, registry keys, .ini files)

  • Runs in user mode with DEP on

MultiObfuscator is safe:

  • Spyware/adware-free

  • Fully redistributable

  • OpenSource core crypto-library (libObfuscate)

MultiObfuscator is a professional cryptography tool with unique features, suitable for highly sensitive data transmission.

  • Layers of security:
    Data is encrypted (1), scrambled (2) and whitened (3).

  1. Layer 1 - Modern multi-cryptography:
    A set of 16 modern 256bit open-source cryptography algorithms (chosen from AES Process [1997-2000], NESSIE Process [2000-2003] and CRYPTREC Process [2000-2003]) has been joined into a doublepassword multi-cryptography algorithm (256bit+256bit): AES / Anubis / Camellia / Cast-256 / Clefia / FROG / Hierocrypt3 / Idea-NXT / MARS / RC6 / Safer+ / SC2000 / Serpent / Speed / Twofish / Unicorn-A

  2. Layer 2 - CSPRNG based scrambling:
    Encrypted data is always scrambled to break any remaining stream pattern. A new cryptographically secure pseudo random number generator (CSPRNG) is seeded with a third password (256bit) and data is globally shuffled with random indexes.

  3. Layer 3 - CSPRNG based whitening:
    Scrambled data is always mixed with a high amount of noise. A new CSPRNG is seeded with a forth password (256bit) and data is bit-by-bit split according to a random permutation.

  • Extra security - Deniable cryptography:
    Top secret data can be protected using less secret data as a decoy.

  • Source code:
    This program can be considered as a simple Windows GUI to the libObfuscate system-independent open-source library. Users and developers are absolutely free to link to the core library (100% of the cryptography & obfuscation code), read it and modify it.


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