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Randomness Test

Battery of test & reference source code


DIEHARD battery of test of randomness
The Marsaglia random number CDROM - George Marsaglia - Florida State University

DIEHARD are a battery of statistical tests for measuring the quality of a random number generator. They include: Birthday spacings test, Overlapping 5-permutation test, Binary rank matrices test, Bitstream test, OPSO, OQSO & DNA test, Count-the-1's test, Parking lot test, Minimum distance test, 3D spheres test, Squeeze test, Overlapping sums test, Runs test, Craps test.

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Independent Research Project - Penn State University

Chi-Square is a statistical test commonly used to compare observed data with data we would expect to obtain according to a specific hypothesis. Chi-square requires that you use numerical values, not percentages or ratios.

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 Normal Distribution 

Ziggurat Random Number Generator - Florida State University

libObfuscate CSPRNG can be used as input for the Ziggurat RNG to create high-quality Normal distributions, free to be used, cited, edited for any academic or software development.

UINT32 kn[128];
double fn[128];
double wn[128];
r4_nor_setup( kn, fn, wn );

for( y=0; y<m; y++ ) {
for( x=0; x<m; x++ ) {
matrix_array[y][x] = r4_nor( kn, fn, wn); } }


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