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EMUFDD Floppy Emulator : USB & TCP/IP Network

The most reliable and configurable Universal Floppy HW Emulator
Retrofit services for the industry, from the machinery to the solution

Example: Lvd CNC

Retrofit has been required on Lvd CNC. The user was specially worried about [1] finding no more floppy drive replacement. The user was also specially worried about [2] program/system floppies, non-readable by the PC, beginning to rotten and becaming unreliable.

  • All program/system floppies are now safely backed up in the central server

  • Machine is now being able to load all existing programs and also to create new ones

  • D&D


enlargeImage.gifLvd MNC 95C

enlargeImage.gifLvd MNC 95C

enlargeImage.gifLvd MNC 95C