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EMUFDD Floppy Emulator : USB & TCP/IP Network

The most reliable and configurable Universal Floppy HW Emulator
Retrofit services for the industry, from the machinery to the solution

All-inclusive Retrofit+Installation Service

We started studying the floppy emulation problem in 2009 and, during these years, we have developed an unique set of software and hardware tools that allow to offer to professional customers a 360° service. Companies and owners of industrial devices/machinery can ask for the all-inclusive service that ensures to get the best result in the minimum time: the maximum reliability within the shortest possible machinery/production stop!

  • Floppy disks will be analyzed

  • Floppy drive will be analyzed

  • You'll be provided software to do the backup of floppies

  • You'll be provided software capable of full floppy drive virtualization

  • Also the special boot/configuration/disaster-recovery floppies will be digitalized & tested

Floppy Drive Analysis on Field

EMUFDD's the only existing professional service able to perform special on field analysis, an indispensable low-level kind of live analysis that's always needed to emulate custom floppy disk controllers that behave in a non-standard or undocumented way.

  • We're able to identify the behaviour of any existing floppy drive and emulate it

  • We're able to fix signal errors and communication problems

  • We're able to bypass and emulate special and undocumented software/hardware floppy-related features